2012 Delco Pro-Am

CoBL will be covering the Delco Pro-Am this summer, beginning on Sunday June 24 with the Jerry Dallahan/Steve Lewis Tip-Off Classic (results below). The league’s regular season begins on July 8 and runs on Sundays, Mondays and Wednesday evenings. Stay tuned to this page for live updating scorers and news throughout the season, and also check out the Pro-Am’s official site.

For some on a few of the more star-studded rosters, click here.

Standings *Top 8 teams make playoffs; standings include Tip-Off Tournament*
1. Dragons (11-0)
2. Radano & Associates (7-2)
t3. Maple Zone (5-2)
t3. Millennium (5-2)
t5. Take Your Game To Another Level (TYGTAL)  (7-3)
t5. Omega Medical (7-3)
7. Ella Health (6-3)
t8. The Champs (5-3)
t8. Team Blue (5-3)
10. KLM Insurance (6-4)
11. Da Bottom (4-3)
t12. Vinny’s Pizzarama (4-4)
t12. Under Armour Owls (4-4)
t12. Rise Basketball (5-5)
15. Team Thompson (3-4)
t16. Haverford College (3-5)
t16. Team White (3-5)
t16. Stomp Off Records (3-5)
t19. “Doc P” UPenn (2-5)
t19. Barnaby’s of West Chester (2-5)
t19. Mid-Atlantic Pride (2-5)
22. Warner Coach (1-6)
t23. Trad Jazz (0-8)
t23. PNC Bank Ballers (0-8)

Sunday, July 8
6pm: Omega Medical vs. Vinny’s Pizzarama, Thompson vs. Team White, Radano vs. PNC Bank
7pm: Barnaby’s vs. TYGTAL, Doc P vs. Trad Jazz, Warner Coach vs. All-Stars
8pm: Ella Health vs. UA Owls, Da Bottom vs. The Dragons, Maple Zone vs. Rise Basketball
9pm: Haverford College vs. Millennium, Team Blue vs. Blue Magic, KLM Insurance vs. Stomp-Off

Monday, July 9
7pm: Barnaby’s vs. Team White, Thompson vs. Blue Magic, Team Blue vs. Rise Basketball
8pm: Ella Health vs. Trad Jazz, Doc P vs. PNC Bank, Radano vs. Stomp-Off
9pm: Haverford vs. Dragons, Da Bottom vs. All-Stars, Omega Medical vs. Millennium

Wednesday, July 11
7pm: UA Owls vs. Vinny’s Pizzarama, Ella Health vs. Dragons, Haverford vs. Blue Magic
8pm: Warner Coach vs. KLM Insurance, Barnaby’s vs. Trad Jazz, Thompson vs. PNC Bank
9pm: TYGTAL vs. Maple Zone, Omega Medical vs. Team White, Da Bottom vs. Rise Basketball

Sunday, July 15
6pm: Vinny’s Pizzarama vs. KLM Insurance, Team White vs. Haverford, PNC Bank vs. Team Blue
7pm: TYGTAL vs. Omega Medical, Trad Jazz vs. Thompson, All-Stars vs. Radano
8pm: UA Owls vs. Barnaby’s, The Dragons vs. Doc P, Rise Basketball vs. Warner Coach
9pm: Millennium vs. Ella Health, Blue Magic vs. Da Bottom, Stomp-Off vs. Maple Zone

Monday, July 16
7pm: Team Blue vs. Stomp-Off, Radano vs. KLM Insurance, Warner vs. Maple Zone
8pm: UA Owls vs. TYGTAL, Vinny’s Pizzarama Millennium, Haverford vs. PNC Bank
9pm: Omega Medical vs. Trad Jazz, Barnaby’s vs. The Dragons, Ella Health vs. Original Champs

Wednesday, July 18
7pm: Team White vs. Vinny’s Pizzarama, Radano vs. Maple Zone, Thompson vs. All-Stars
8pm: Omega Medical vs. The Dragons, TYGTAL vs. Millennium, Team Blue vs. KLM Insurance
9pm: Doc P vs. Rise Basketball, Da Bottom vs. Stomp-Off, Warner vs. UA Owls

Sunday, July 22
6pm: KLM Insurance vs. Maple Zone, Da Bottom vs. PNC Bank, Ella Health vs. Team White
7pm: Warner Coach vs. Stomp-Off, Doc P vs. Blue Magic, TYGTAL vs. Vinny’s Pizzarama
8pm: Radano vs. Rise Basketball, Thompson vs. The Dragons, Omega Medical vs. UA Owls
9pm: Team Blue vs. All-Stars, Haverford vs. Trad Jazz, Barnaby’s vs. Millennium

Monday, July 23
7pm: Barnaby’s vs. Blue Magic, Da Bottom vs. KLM Insurance, Thompson vs. Rise Basketball
8pm: TYGTAL vs. Team White, Ella Health vs. PNC Bank, Vinny’s Pizzarama vs. Trad Jazz
9pm: Doc P vs. Stomp-Off, Team Blue vs. Maple Zone, Haverford vs. All-Stars

Wednesday, July 25
7pm: UA Owls vs. Millennium, Ella Health vs. All-Stars, Doc P vs. KLM Insurance
8pm: Omega Medical vs. Blue Magic, Haverford vs. Rise Basketball, Da Bottom vs. Maple Zone
9pm: Barnaby’s vs. PNC Bank, Thompson vs. Stomp-Off, Warner vs. Radano

Sunday, July 29
4pm: Da Bottom vs. Stomp-Off, Vinny’s Pizzerama vs. Haverford, Ella Health vs. UA Owls
5pm: Trad Jazz vs. PNC Bank Ballers, “Doc P” vs. Barnaby’s, Warner vs. Haverford
Playoffs: First Round
8pm: The Champs vs. Omega Medical, Maple Zone vs. TYGTAL
9pm: Dragons vs. Millennium, Radano vs. KLM Insurance

Monday, July 20
Final Four
8pm: Winner 2/7 vs. Winner 3/6
9pm: Winner 1/8 vs. Winner 4/5

Wednesday, August 1

2012 Delco Pro-Am Jerry Dallahan/Steve Lewis Tip-Off Classic (June 24)

Kevin Towns Bracket
1pm (Gm1): Omega Medical 82, Barnaby’s of West Chester 70
2pm (Gm2): Ella Health 73 vs. Haverford College 68
3pm (Gm3): Rise Academy Alumni 75, Stop-Off Records 74
4pm (Gm4): Philly All-Stars 74, Noonan 67
5pm (Gm5): Omega Medical 68, Ella Health 63
6pm (Gm6): Rise Academy Alumni 65 vs. Philly All-Stars 64

Jerry Dallahan Bracket
1pm (Gm7): Jason Thompson’s Squad vs. “Doc P” UPenn Quakers (neither team showed)
2pm (Gm8): Team Blue 62, Da Bottom 60
3pm (Gm9): Dragons 82, The Original Champs 66
4pm (Gm10): Team White 65, Trad Jazz 63
5pm (Gm11): Bye: Team Blue
6pm (Gm12): Dragons 78, Team White 61

Tom Dillard Bracket
1pm (Gm13): Radano & Associates 96, Warner Coach 66
2pm (Gm14): KLM Insurance def. Maple Zone Strickland (forfeit)
3pm (Gm15): Millennium 59 vs. Temple Owls Ball 79
4pm (Gm16): Take Your Game to Another Level 84 vs. Mike Brown’s Squad 67
5pm (Gm17): Radano & Associates 81 vs. KLM Insurance 75
6pm (Gm18): Take Your Game to Another Level 96, Temple Owls Ball 66

Final Round
7pm (Gm19): Omega Medical vs. Rise Academy Alumni
7pm (Gm20): Team Blue vs. Dragons
7pm (Gm21): Radano & Associates vs. TYGTAL
8pm (Gm22): Dragons vs. TYGTAL
CHAMPIONS: Dragons, 64-57

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