Galloway eclipses 1,000-point milestone

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Langston Galloway passed the 1,000 point mark, becoming the 50th Hawk to do so (Photo: Anson Marsh)

Andrew Albert (@andrewjalbert01)

1,000 points on Hawk Hill. It has been done 49 other times in the storied history of Saint Joseph’s University. The elite club added another member Wednesday night when Langston Galloway scored the first five points of the game against American to eclipse the milestone. He finished the game with 18 points in a 74-55 victory over the Eagles.

“It feels good to finally get that weight off my shoulders because it was bothering me, so it was good to finally get that off my back and now I can finally just play ball and keep the wins going” Galloway said.

The pressure that Galloway felt may have led to some off shooting nights in the past two games. In the last two games against Florida State, Galloway combined to shoot 6-for-24 from the field, including 2-for-12 from beyond the arc.

“I talked to Langston,” coach Phil Martelli said. “Somebody wrote that he was in a slump. I don’t believe in slumps. I believe that the ball didn’t go in for you, and lets make that adjustment. I never use that word. Somebody used it with him, and I made sure to see him the next day.

“I told him exactly what I saw in the last game, and even in practices where he was holding the ball was in his hand too long, he was squeezing the ball,” Martelli added. “And we wanted him to play freeier and easier, and he has practices freeer and easier. I am delighted for him, he is a wonderful young guy.”

The junior guard becomes the second Hawk on this years’ team to join the club, as Carl Jones passed the 1,000 point mark in the the ninth game last season against Boston University.

“He’s a good scorer, so I’m not surprised  I knew it was going to come sooner or later,” Jones said. “I just told him. He is the only one who really talked to me about scoring 1,000, he was just brushing it off. I told him get that three out of the way and just go from there, you’ll be alright.”

“He should be better now that he has that 1,000 points out of the way,” Jones said. “When I did the 1,000 it bothered me, just thinking about it too much. But now he should be back to normal.”

Langston is not the only one in his family to break the 1,000 point barrier for Saint Joseph’s. His uncle, Jeff, is also in books for scoring 1,000 points.

“He never talked about it but i’ve seen it in the record books. I am honored to be in there with him and the rest of the Saint Joe’s alums,” Galloway said.

Galloway has been the face of consistency for Saint Joseph’s throughout his tenure. The Baton Rouge, Louisiana native has started all but one out of the 71 games he has dressed in a Hawk’s uniform. He has scored in every game he has played in, with a career high of 32 against Penn last season.

His scoring average has not deviated very much in his two plus years at Saint Joseph’s. As a freshman, he contributed just over 12 points a game. His sophomore year saw a slight jump in scoring average, as he bumped his total up to 15.5 points per game. This season, he is averaging 13.4 points per game. He has not played less than 20 minutes in a game during his time on Hawk Hill.

His game is not flashy, it is fundamental. A coach knows what he is going to get from Galloway night in and night out. And that is what makes him such an asset to the team.

“It is a special group of guys who have played here at Saint Joe’s, so to be a part of that group is very special,” Galloway said.

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