All-City Classic sophomore scouting report

Andrew Koob (@AndrewKoob)

The All-City Classic, which featured basketball players from the 2013, ‘14, and ‘15 classes, brought together plenty of talent from both the Philadelphia and New York area. The sophomores took the court at Ben Franklin High School first and showcased their abilities, giving the fans a show in a 78-60 Team Philly victory.

Sam Foreman (Photo: Mark Jordan)

Sam Foreman
Point guard, The Haverford School

Foreman, the Philly MVP from the sophomore game, scored 19 points in the loss. Initially, the 6-1 guard tried to force some shots that weren’t there. To start the game, Foreman kept driving to the basket and took several difficult, low percentage shots against a sizeable New York front line featuring 6-10 Jesse Govan. As the game went along, the Ford kept plugging away and eventually started to get into a rhythm dropping in east layups on two straight possessions. While it took him a bit to find his touch, it was easy to see that Foreman does not lack any sort of hustle and certainly doesn’t get down on himself. Even as he underperformed at the start of the game, the Ford bounced back with some good defensive play, which ultimately translated into buckets for the sophomore.

(Ed Note: On Oct. 3, TheRecruitScoop reported that Foreman would be transferring to Vaux)

Traci Carter (Photo: Mark Jordan)

Traci Carter
Combo guard, Roman Catholic

Carter’s overall game impressed, as he was able to shoot, defend and blow by defenders on the dribble. The Cahillite had two early jumpers go in with a defender’s hand right in his face and had a steal that led to an easy two for Philly. Carter remained relatively quiet for most of the game, but made a New York defender look foolish near the end of the game, blowing by him for an easy layup.

Derrick Jones
Forward, Archbishop Carroll

Whenever Philly put up a mid-range jumper or a three, Jones was right there in case the putback opportunity was there. The sophomore Patriot was continually bouncing around the rim looking for flashy dunks, but poorly timed those jumps in the beginning of the game. But, just like Foreman, Jones found his rhythm and put up a couple big dunks that wowed the crowd. Jones also displayed his leaping ability on the defensive end, collecting a number of blocks against some taller opponents.

LaMarr Kimble (Photo: Mark Jordan)

LaMarr Kimble
Point guard, Neumann-Goretti

Having seen Kimble at Neumann-Goretti’s open gym in September, it wasn’t a surprise to see what he can do on the court. The sophomore Saint has terrific vision when in traffic, setting up his teammates with easy baskets. He also has a decent baseline jumper, as he displayed on a first quarter and-one. Kimble brings the same intensity on the defensive side of the ball, playing relentless on-ball defense and forcing plenty of turnovers.

Chris Clover
Wing, St. Joseph’s Prep

Clover is an all-around hustle player, doing whatever he can on both sides of the ball to put his team in position to make a basket or force a turnover. The sophomore Hawk displayed both while getting a steal in the first half that led to an easy Levan Alston layup in transition. As one of the taller Philly players, Clover had to go up against some of the bigger New York forwards, but stood his ground and kept them at bay while they tried to pull down offensive rebounds.

Donovan Barnes (Photo: Mark Jordan)

Donovan Barnes
Point guard, Strawberry Mansion

Barnes has a great offensive skill set, in terms of both shooting and ball control. The small (5-10) but quick guard can blow by defenders with his speed and made plenty of no-look passes that were right on target. While his offense is impressive, it seemed as though he didn’t put as much emphasis on his defensive game. Barnes, as well as his teammates, let up a good number of fast breaks against New York in the first half.

Carnel Harley
Wing, Imhotep Charter

Harley was one of the taller players for Philly, but was overpowered on the defensive end by the bigger forwards on the New York squad. As the game wore on, however, the athletic 6-5 wing started to stand his ground against his opponents and settled in fine. On the offensive end, Harley was fairly quiet, but showed that he wasn’t afraid of a little contact while driving to the rim. Has decent ball skills and size already, projects mid-to-high major.

Levan Alston
Shooting guard, The Haverford School

Alston displayed plenty of offensive smarts, specifically on a back-and-forth fast break off of a steal between him and Traci Carter. The second Ford on Philly’s sophomore team also showed that he was comfortable driving to the basket against the looming forwards on New York’s team and draw contact to get to the free throw line.

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