Delco Pro-Am Liveblog: July 9

Josh Verlin (@jmverlin)

Welcome to Night Two of the 2012 Delco Pro-Am! Tonight’s coverage is going to be a little different because of staff limitations, but don’t worry–you’ll still get plenty of news, notes, stats and quotes from the best the Delco Pro-Am has to offer.

Since I’m flying solo tonight, I’ll just be taking notes and tabs of some of the City 6 players in action tonight.

Doesn’t look like any of the Drexel guys are here this evening due to summer class. Sorry, Dragons fans!

Dau Jok might be a hidden weapon for the Penn Quakers this year. He’s got three 3-pointers for the second-straight night, and it’s just the first half as Team White is up 45-26 at the break. Still needs to work on his ball skills, but has a solid jumper and good size for an Ivy guard (6-foot-4). (7:25 PM)

Cameron Gunter with a nice jumper from about 15 feet for Penn, but he’s been mostly quiet for Team White as they’re dominated by their Villanova core. (7:46 PM)

Simeon Espirit had 10 points for Team White in their 88-75 victory. (8:10 PM)

Miles Cartwright with a really strong start for the “Doc P” Penn team, who are up 28-14 midway through the first half. He’s easily the best scorer on the team but looks very confident on the court, especially on the break, where he’s hit a number of layups in traffic as well as found teammate Henry Brooks for a few good looks. (8:20 PM)

Brooks finishes the first half with 14 points for “Doc P” while Cartwright has just three, though Doc P leads 47-28 at the break. Brooks is playing without a knee brace for the first time since I’ve seen him play, and looks very good out there on the court. He could be a real weapon in the Ivy League as soon as this year. (8:35 PM)

Henry Brooks finished with 20 points and Miles Cartwright five for “Doc P” in a 87-50 mercy rule victory over the PNC Bank Ballers. Brooks told me afterwards that he took the brace off after the 2011-12 UPenn season, and that he finally feels his strength fully coming back after a torn ACL near the end of his senior season. (8:50 PM)

Jamal Lewis had 16 points, Greg Louis had 15 and Tony Hicks had 14 but Trad Jazz fell 77-70 to Ella Health because of Sam Zeglinski’s 34-point outing. Hicks looked strong in the time I watched the game, getting into the lane fairly easily with a long stride in the paint, while Louis relied more on his physical skills against an undersized Ella Health squad. That trio might not have a MAJOR impact this season, but they will soon enough. (9:05 PM)

Saint Joseph’s
Hawks aren’t here, either.

T.J. DiLeo‘s been having a pretty strong Pro-Am thus far but he blows a wide-open layup for Team Blue, who still lead 23-17 with 9:04 left in their first half. (7:20 PM) He finishes the first half with three points as the Villanova trio on his team is taking over (see below, 7:35 PM). DiLeo finished the game with 10 points. (8:15 PM)

Will Cummings continues his impressive start to the Delco Pro-Am with 11 first-half points as “Doc P” leads 47-28 at halftime. That includes a 3-pointer from the left corner as well as a few nice finishes in the lane. He also looks stronger on defense, and has been playing both point and off-guard with he and Penn’s Miles Cartwright taking turns bringing the ball upcourt. (8:35 PM)

Cummings finished with 15 points for “Doc P” in their 87-50 mercy-rule win. Still needs to work on a few things, namely his shot selection, but that’s what the summer is for. I think he could be one of the bigger “sleeper” players in the City 6 for 2012-13. (9:00 PM).

Scootie Randall is running with some big names as he takes the court for Da Bottom. He’s got 0 points at halftime while going against Kyle Lowry, Cuttino Mobley and company as Da Bottom leads 39-36 after the opening 20. He’s made a couple of nice passes, both in the halfcourt and on the break, and has also brought the ball upcourt on occasion. (9:30 PM). Randall finished with 15 points, all in the second half. (10:00 PM)

Dylan Ennis (Team White) looks poised and confident out on the court, with a nice pull-up jumper. He’s a strong point guard, with ability to get into the lane as well as nice 3-point stroke. He’s currently out on the court with Ty Johnson, and looks to be the far superior guard of the two. (7:15 PM)

Ryan Arcidacono and Tony Chennault working well together in what this writer thinks could be Villanova’s starting guard tandem. Mouphtaou Yarou also with a number of powerful dunks an Team Blue is up 31-25. (7:24 PM)

Ennis (14 points) and Johnson (16 points) had strong first halves for Team White, who lead 45-26 at the break. (7:29 PM)

Mouphtaou Yarou had a strong first half for Team Blue with 15 points as the Villanova trio of him, Arcidiacono and Chennault combined for 34 of Team Blue’s points in a 45-37 lead at halftime. (7:35 PM)

Despite being the biggest guy on the court, Dan Ochefu is having a few too many issues with soaking up all the rebounds. A few of gone in and out of his hands, but Dylan Ennis continues to be everywhere on the court–including picking up some of the loose change. Very impressed with the Rice transfer. (7:44 PM)

Team White beats Barnaby’s 81-55 in large part because of Ty Johnson, who scored 30 points, and Dylan Ennis, who scored 16. I still think Ennis had the superior game to Johnson, who benefitted largely from the Ennis ability to get into the lane and find his teammates. (7:57 PM)

Yarou finishes with 28 points, Arcidiacono with 17 and Chennault with 16 as Team Blue wins 88-75 over on Court 3. Nick McMahon even chipped in seven points. (8:01 PM)

Achraf Yacoubou has eight points to lead Omega Medical in a 39-36 game just after halftime, with James “Taj” Bell adding in four of his own. (9:30 PM) Yacoubou finished with 14 and Bell with 11 in a loss to Millennium. (10:00 PM)

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2 Responses to Delco Pro-Am Liveblog: July 9

  1. Mike says:

    Looks like it is setting up for Cartwright to start at the point (with PLP and Lewis backing him up), leaving an opening at SG. Interesting.

    Perhaps Hicks sneaks in at the SG, but Rennard and/or Crocker (and even Espirit or Jok) have to be higher on the depth chart right now. Hicks will really need to impress.

    That leaves options open for Penn to go big with Kukoc at the 3 with Cairns, Harrell, and other guards behind him.

    The 4/5 rotation of Fran, Louis, Brooks, and DNH (Gunter and Loughery are vets but clearly this is a youth movement in the frontcourt) becoming a STRENGTH.

    • jmverlin says:

      My guess is the backcourt is Rennard/Cartwright, but that’s a wide-open guess at this point.

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